Friday, December 7, 2012

I Do Dumb Stuff

I do dumb stuff.  I do dumb stuff all the time.  The reason I even started this blog was to recount the dumb stuff I do.  So yeah, I called the blog Classic KT because the dumb stuff I do has been aptly named Classic KT moments. But really, it's just dumb stuff I do.  So TODAY in the life of me and my dumb stuff, I outdid myself.

I semi joined a church not long after I moved to DC but then stopped feeling that church so I started church hopping.  I rather like being non-committal in my church home (as much as I like being non-committal with most things with the exception of my undying commitment to loving my Lord.  In fact, I've recently learned that I like dating way better than relationships..though that's another blog).  So this church I've been frequenting has a great choir.  The choir president stopped me one Sunday and said he watches me participate and I look like I know the songs and have experience singing in a choir.  I told him that yes I have been accustomed to singing in the choir BUT I'm not a member so I didn't think I could participate.  He said, that was correct but he was going to check to see if there could be an exception made.  He got back to me later in the week and told me approvals have been given and he'd love to see me at the next rehearsal.  

I showed up and the people were warm and friendly and my section leader was this lovely woman who took my number and said she'd keep me updated.  Which leads to me and the dumb stuff I do.  I'm not good with all.  I do all the tricks to remember people's names, but I'm just not good at it.  My WONDERFUL section leader lady has called me NUMEROUS times and said her name to me but today I needed to call her and ask about rehearsal and I remembered I didn't know her name.  I have her number in my phone but there is no name attached.  I remembered that it begins with an R but I can't for the life of me remember the rest.  Sooooo I picked up the phone and the conversation went like this:

Her:  Hello.
Me:  Hi Rrrr this is Karen Townsend, how are you doing?

I figured if I made the R sound she would think I'd said her name and we could move on.  IT WORKED!!!!!!  When she didn't miss a beat and just said "Oh I'm doing fine" and I continued to ask my question, I thought I was going to pee on myself I was laughing so hard. I could barely get through the rest of the conversation because THAT was sooo funny to me. 

So...let this be a lesson to you.  Don't let not remembering a name get you down. Go forth in confidence and all will be well.  

Signed Kkkk


  1. And your ass still don't know her name. ROTFLMAO

  2. So how did you happen to get Rrrr's birth name TODAY?

    1. It just so happens I was sitting next to her and she got up and somebody asked us who was sitting between us and the guy next to me said "Oh that's Rachel's seat". I started giggling.