Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Magnifying Pinatas!!

49 years ago today after my early morning birth Daddy carried me (wrapped in swaddling clothes) up the hill and lifted me to the heavens and "Behold-ed" me and the village bowed....wait, that was Kizzy and Simba.  If you know me, you know I LOVE my birthday.  I've never been one of those people who stay 25 or 30 or whatever age they think keeps them young because 1) I am grateful for every single day, minute, second the Lord has allowed me to be here and 2) I don't look as old as I am - vanity is not all bad.

I've been in this physical, mental and emotional metamorphosis over the past couple of years.  My personal paradigm shift started with my move but then the rest is really me acknowledging life's aha moments and carpe diem-ing the heck out of em.  Two things stand out as I start this new calendar and birth year.

First, my sister friend (not to be confused with sister wife) Nadine called me a Life Magnifier (she's Natalie or Nakki to the rest of the world - and nobody else gets to call her Nadine but me...I'm serious...I will fight you, bruh)   How. Awesome. Is. That??  I mean really, there are no better words to capture what I do on a daily basis.  I don't intentionally walk around creating Classic KT moments, they're instinctive. They happen cause I notice life.  I SEE things.  Not like dead people - but I see life's happenings and more often than not find the funny in them.  And it is my duty to bring it to the attention of the masses or at least those around me.  I'm certain that's what WOULD have happened had Daddy taken me up that mountain top and held me up to the stars. "Behold, SEE LIFE" would have been the declaration.  I've had some tragic moments.  I've suffered some painfully devastating losses that, at the time, didn't seem to be something from which I'd ever recover. Even in those moments there was Nessa patting me on the back saying "Ninja" as she so appropriately does.  Those MINOR moments of levity make me step back and "see" the moment for what it is...Life.  Then I've seen some ridiculously joyful moments - those times where I've laughed so hard I've pee'd my pants just a little. Or those times that nobody seems to think it's hilarious that the choir director is doing a perfect pirouette in church as he directs the song in his perfectly tailored suit.  I mean Misty Copeland would pay homage to that pirouette.  (Google her, people). I need folk to SEE and fully appreciate that!

Then there was a sign on Pinterest that I've pinned to one of my boards that says "Life would be a million times better if there were pinatas strategically placed throughout the day".  BTW, I have some REALLY funny and prophetic signs on that particular board.  But seriously, how totally kickass would it be if you're having a bad day and you could go to the nearest pinata and wack the hell out of it?  OR if you were having a day where you were princess of the world and you could go to a nearby pinata and have dark chocolate truffles rain down on your royal gloriousness. (As an aside, I have absolutely no desire to be the Queen.  Queens have way too much responsibility - ruling over stuff, making decisions about the castle staff and whatnot, not to mention tending to the King's over inflated ego. I'm just gonna stay the princess and run around the castle kicking it with the help or go into the village and maybe have a dalliance with a commoner.)  I'm gonna act like life really does have pinatas.  I'm going to vent when necessary. I ain't trying to hold in my frustration and die from a heart attack. But more importantly, I'm gonna celebrate more (if that's possible).  I will continue to dress for tea every Sunday when I'm watching Downton Abbey (not DowntoWn).  I'm eventually going to stop in the middle of K Street and sing whatever bomb song comes on my ipod.  Then carry on.  I'm gonna do it.  And a whole bunch of other stuff that my spirit prompts me to do - obviously resisting those things that will get me arrested.

We all know life is short...so buy the shoes; eat the cupcake; work up a sweat in a workout that makes you feel so good you can't wait to do it again; listen to REAL music; engage a stranger and point out "Life" that's going on and have him/her giggle about it with you; have groups of friends (like my brilliant M's, my joy-rising Westin girls, all them Delta girls I love, etc.) that encourage you to be all of you; watch football all day (and be not dismayed by the Cowboys); in fact, don't feel guilty at all about watching as much tv as you want; read a phenomenal life-changing/affirming book; go somewhere you've never been...most importantly, learn at least one scripture from the KING JAMES VERSION - bathe in the love of God then live in LOVE.  When you're living in love you don't have time to judge, condemn or hate anybody who's views you don't share.

Get your life magnifying glass and go see some stuff and smack the hell out of some pinatas!!  This, my friends, is my gift to you on the day of my birth.