Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Year is Young...As Am I!!!

I LOVE that my birthday is the first month of the year.  It's kind of like the rest of the world gets to start anew along with me (except for the Chinese - when is their new year - how does that exactly work for them?).  Gosh, I started digressing within the first sentence...but that's how my mind works.  It's all over the place up there.  AnThow...had a glorious holiday season, right up there with Mary, Joseph, Jesus and 'nem.  I hadn't hung out with my Mama that much in ages and it was cool to just be in her presence and be utterly amused by HER musings!

I had so many revelations on that nearly 3 week trip to KC (won't be doing THAT again - WAAAAY too long to be away from MY space and my bed.

1)  I don't live in KC any more.  I'm not just visiting DC - this is where I new new sacred space.  Yep, that's me all right up in this District.  As soon as I got home, I started rearranging furniture.  I just MIGHT make my deadline of having every box unpacked by March 31st!!

2)  My daughter is 21.  I have raised her.  She is grown!  I'm now just an advisor (and ATM). That girl that used to love rocks and pens and watermelo (she never could get meloN) and bawling eggs (boiling) and playing in her tent and Reading Reptile and her Granny's house is now a grown woman who can order a cocktail!  Mazel tov Girldaughter and bring Mama a shot of tequila!

3)  On January 8 I turned 47.  FORTY SEVEN YEARS OLD.  I am now closer to 50 than 40.  In my 40's, yes - but LATE 40's. I feel like I've been saying 47 a lot more than I EVER said 46.  I really don't mind aging because it means I'm still here and frankly I have no choice!  Age or die.  I'll take aging.  But then I had a moment where I was asking myself all those silly questions about am I where I imagined I'd be blah blah blah.  Really KT?  You are where you are - LOVE IT - LIVE IT - LAUGH AT IT (especially laugh at it cause funny stupid ish happens to you every single day).  That passed and I skipped on about my business.

4) Which brings me to my resolutions. 
  • I am going to skip a WHOLE lot more.  Besides being fun - it's gotta be good for my heart rate, right?
  • I am going to make up great songs in the shower in the morning.  How can I possibly get mad at a day or have a bad day when I have an original hit on my heart.
That's all. I'm gonna skip and I'm gonna sing!  That really should lead to a lot more fun stuff.  Of course, I hope the skipping doesn't lead to the emergency room but I'll be careful.