Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Ramblings - Yet Another Reason to Lose Weight

So I'm watching 24. This chick that was kidnapped escapes with her man and he's in the driver's seat of the car and has to jump out to fight a bad guy. Well then, HE gets shot and she needs to get away. She HOPPED right over to that driver's seat and peeled out of there for her great escape. Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is "Damn, I wouldn't have been able to jump over into that driver's seat that fast!" It would have taken me soooo much maneuvering to get over there without getting out of the car and if I'd gotten out to run around I would have gotten shot, too! I will NOT allow being of generous girth to get me shot! Plus, although I plan to be cremated I sure don't want to die fat. That would just make me die dead.

I can't blame it on being big boneded (I realize that's not a word), because I'm really not. And the funny thing is I never imagined being the big girl in the group. I was always way too sexy/fine for that, yet here I sit with these generous thighs and such. I'm going to have to find girls bigger than me to be my friends. (Current girlfriends, I'm not ditching any of you. I just need to find some bigger bigguns to make me feel better until I'm back down again - love all y'all).

Fortunately, I've started the transformation and I know what to do. My morning yoga has helped my flexibility and my knee TREMENDOUSLY so movement has been much more fluid. My new running (well walking for now) shoes do make me get up in the morning. Plus I told myself I don't get to buy anything for me until I’ve walked 5 consecutive days. And doggone it, I get to three days and then I miss a day. So blast it all I've not made the 5 day commitment yet - but I haven't purchased anything (non-necessity) either. So since my new shoes excite me, I'll keep at it until I make the 5 consecutive days, then 10 consecutive days, then a whole bunch more consecutive days and before I know it, fine will be sitting on my thighs again!

So there you have it. I've exposed myself - I cannot quickly climb over that seat (I bet bucket seats would be a real mutha). It's time for some tough love. I need you to challenge me and question me and prod me. KT, did you get your walk on today? KT, did you make 5 consecutive? Vanessa would probably say something like "KT, did you get your fat a$$ out there today?" Please note that these comments should come from people who know me REALLY well - others will likely get a thorough cussing!

Shout out to Mighty Monique for giving me daily reminders on FB. Every time you command something, I do it! The other day when you said to get water, I almost busted my kneecap running out of my office (ok, not running - maybe a light jog or a speed walk) to fill my water bottle. Thanks!

I'm feeling better and better every day and I PROMISE, when I get there, I'm going to be jumping over car seats like a hooker trying to escape Five O. Fine, I'll see you in a minute.