Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ahhhh....The Beginning

I'm not even going to get into how long it's been since I've done a post so....let just get into it.

So you're walking down the corridor and you spot him and he spots you and you think to yourself "Hmm, he's kinda cute."  But you remind yourself to get closer before you make a final determination on his cuteness because of that one time you met a dude at the club and you thought HE was cute, too.  You agree to meet the next day for coffee.  You get there first and are sitting by the window waiting for Mr. Cute and you get distracted giggling at this fool trying to parallel park this big ole deuce and a quarter.  He finally gets it parked and gets out with a velvet shirt and a soul patch and comes into the coffee shop and waves at YOU!  What you THOUGHT was cute was actually a nightmare of an individual that couldn't get enough cashews.  You remind yourself to never trust your eyes.

Anyhoo....This current cutie gets closer, and you realize he really IS cute. You do everything to try and calm yourself as he starts walking toward you  You exchange greetings and chat for a bit, exchange numbers and agree to connect. He calls you the next day (because you're certain he doesn't want to seem too anxious and call you the same day) and you have amazing conversation for over an hour.  The daily conversations get better and you can't BELIEVE this great guy is saying all the right things and he seems to be as into you as you are into him. begins.

All that ridiculously crazy, tingly excitement that comes over you - THE BEGINNING.   Suddenly, you're playing the playlist on your Ipod that has the most love songs.  You're humming songs that have "la la" in the lyrics.  You pull out your Love Jones DVD and watch it twice in a row. You DIE every time he says "Babe" cause he says it just right.  You nearly have a heart attack when the phone rings and it's him because you were JUST thinking about him and hoping he would call.  You start thinking of the ringtone he's going to get on your phone - but promise to wait at least two weeks before doing so.  You have to work at not talking about him ALL THE TIME to your friends so they won't be sick of him before they meet him.  You just want to find a field of flowers and freaking skip through it!

Who doesn't love the beginning? I love seeing those couples who have the "beginning" throughout the course of their relationships.  I have lots of friends who do that and I get really excited for them (even if I sometimes want to throw up in my mouth about how sickeningly in love they are). Don't you love those couples that can have an intimate moment in a crowded room of people - to the point where you almost feel like you're invading their privacy?  That there - that started in the beginning and has just carried on. Conversely, I feel sad for those couples who have no beginning happening and look like "Why does he/she keep coming home?"  Do they remember their beginning?  Did they even have a "beginning" or was their relationship some kind of business arrangement?

I am here to declare - I REFUSE to have a relationship that doesn't maintain some beginning in it.  Who wouldn't want - at worst an  itty bitty bit, or at best a whole heapin lot of that beginning throughout? For those negative Nancys who say it's not possible - I say HOGWASH...AND HOCKEY PUCKS and sentence you to a life of sensible shoes!

I and the the rest of us Beginning Believers are gonna be out here having us some beginnings, looking for a field of flowers (or strawberries, perhaps) for skipping, gaiety and all around merriment!  Off we go...