Saturday, February 13, 2010

So Happy Being Me

You know I'm thrilled to be me...I mean, who wouldn't be?  Thrilled to be you, that is.  Think about it...we were designed by God, yes GOD with our own special characteristics, quirks, idiosyncrasies and other really cool descriptive words that make us all unique!  While I might want Serena's thighs (they are some of my Lord's finest work) or Beyonce's knees (have you seen her knees? they are fantastic) or Michelle's arms (will I be able to achieve that if my arms are much shorter than hers?) or Halle's boobs (she's got a great set), NONE of them have the KT-ness that God specifically designed for me.  So when someone tells me they only want a specific part of me for their pleasure, I'm just effin ANNOYED and I want to tell them to kiss the meatiest part of my black a$$.  But I can't say that in certain scenarios (if I want to continue to get paid) so I just smile and say "ok" or something similar.

Let me tell you about the plight of happy people...(happy peole, holla if you hear me).  Here's the deal.  Yes, I'm a joyful person or as my girl, Jamillah, puts it - Joy Rising.  On top of that, I'm pretty damn funny.  And those that get to encounter me and enjoy MY joy, come to expect it.  But guess what, that's not the entirety of who I am. It's tough to live up to that expectation.  So I stopped trying.

Actually, I'm rather complex.  I'm joyful, contemplative, reflective, observant, silly, irritable, completely inward, often outward, and a ball of other emotions that run the gamut.  I've learned that the cauldron (Olympic reference) of emotions that I am make me far more interesting.  I have the absolute BEST pensive look (ask me to show it to you the next time you see me).  So when people don't get "Joy Rising" from me, they wanna know what's wrong and even have the nerve to demand it.  You know what?  I think that's selfish.  And it REALLY irritates me - so much so that I wanna smack 'em or (in the words of my dear Jackie Jones) push them down - really hard, where they scrape their knees AND their palms and get gravel stuck in the wounds.  Think about that - who in the hell are you to demand someone display a particular emotion or behavior for your pleasure and entertainment????  Give me a freaking break.

The next time you uninteresting, selfish people decide you'd like to suck the life out of one of us in the happy clan or demand a particular emotion from us - kiss it and know that you have the potential to get a good cussin (at worst) or slapped (at worster).  Instead - DO YOU!  Figure out how to rise (not a typo) your own joy.  Look inward for what you want from me.  I guarantee you it won't be what you'd get from me, but you may be surprised at what you can conjure up on your own.  And guess what again - you NEVER have to worry about me demanding an emotion or behavior from you because I'm way too busy living and loving the life I have.

Be happy being you - cuz I'm really really really happy being fact, downright ecstatic!