Monday, January 6, 2014


I LOVE music.  I mean REALLY love music.  In fact, I often say "My life is a melody".  If my mom had known I was going to love music this much she would have probably named me Melody, or Treble, or Harmonize, or Symphony or something musical.  Who am I kidding, my mother likes names to be as simple as possible..Karen and Kim (not even Kimberly).  AND she hates nicknames so I was probably destined to be Karen Denise.  ANYhoo, since 2013 was the year that I was counting down to 50 and committing to "See and live life" like crazy, I was more "in tune" to my life than I've ever been and I was surprised how the playlist that is my life developed.

In my effort to live a more in tune life, I started every day this year in silence. I would meditate while getting ready (that may be the primary reason I left the house without my keys a record number of days). It was my time to set my intention for the day. It was absolutely AMAZING that a song came to me every morning...I mean Every. Single. Morning. Often, the song was a hymn. It made me appreciate being in church all the time as a child and singing every verse of every song!  But since I love all kinds of music, I got such a delightful variety of hip hop, r&b, blues, and even country.  After one particularly epic night of Single KT debauchery (nights that involve tequila automatically qualify as epic), and I was trying to figure out the people on the other end of these flattering texts I was receiving, Elle Varner started singing in my head "Oh what a night oh what a night".  And on some mornings the songs were written by me - yes, I'm a songwriter. I would have a thought that would turn into a song that I would sing repeatedly to the point I often annoyed myself. I've decided I need to start recording these hits because they're classics. Like I'm sure this is how Bey creates her magic.  "Girl, I'm drunk and in love right now".  There was one day when the homeless man who sits in front of my office in his wheelchair was saying good morning and I got too close to him.  He decided to grab me for a hug and I stumbled and nearly fell in his lap.  The SINGLE thought swirling in my head immediately became the song "I don't wanna fall in his lap!" Shoulda published that one...had Billboard top 40 written all over it.  Then there was that day when I got soooooo pissed off at work and all I could hear was
"Yeek Yeek Woop Woop why you all in my ear?
Talking a whole bunch of shit that I ain't trying to hear.
GET BACK Mu#?*@er, You don't know me like that!!"

Listen, I went straight to Spotufy and downloaded that one; went and got on the bike and rode around downtown DC singing it at the top of my lungs. Thanks Luda.

There were days when I was in my feelings about a dude, or work or my health, or my mom's health or just life in general and the ideal song would show up to provide clarity, make me shed tears then wipe em, or simply make me laugh hysterically. Obviously, that's the way the universe has decided to deal with me and I'm here for and fully embrace it!  In 2014 I'm going to step fully into the melody (and medley) that is my life.  (Nadine, remember that girl who didn't know the difference between melody and medley?  Hilar!)  I'm gonna roll around in it, kick up my heels in it, stomp through it, cry through it and sing, hum and dance my way through my 50th year.  THIS. WILL. BE. SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

Guess what?  I want you to join me!!!  As a gift from you to me, please share your FAVORITE power song, party song, sacred song, whatever song (or songs) make you feel like a bona fide BOSS!! I want that song (or songs) that makes you feel so ecstatic that if you were a kid your mom would tell you to go somewhere and sit down or go outside and run that off before you come back in the house.  YOU'RE JUST READY TO EXPLODE FROM THE SHEER JOY OF BEING YOUR AWESOME YOU!

Yeah, that song. That's the one I want on my playlist.  If you're on Spotify, you can simply add the song(s) to my MELODIC JOY RISING playlist.  I made it collaborative so it will feel like we're all in 3rd grade music class together and we have every single available instrument playing them like crazy and the music teacher has gone to her purse to get her flask because there is way too much noise. Otherwise, just tell me the name of it and I'll hunt it down.

But wait...there's more!!  This is a gift to YOU, too!  You can also listen to the playlist whenever you need it!  Trust me, you'll need it.

Melodically Yours,
Singing, Dancing, Spinning, Twirling KT

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